Passion at Work: The Power of Intrinsic Motivation

According to Gallup, 80% of people are unhappy in their work. That means that only 20% of us are happy and fulfilled in the work that we’re doing. What a waste of human talent, energy, and skill! Not to mention the financial costs to the organization related to stress, poor health, and turnover. In this era of global competition, organizations need every person functioning at his or her optimal level to create sustainable value and competitive advantage.

This session is an introduction to The Passion Test for Business, a new approach to employee engagement that helps individuals:

  • Get clear on their unique value contribution in the market and what’s most meaningful for them in the work they do
  • Experience greater passion, fulfillment, commitment, and joy in their daily lives both at home and at work

When you are clear about what matters most to you in your work or career and why these are important to you, new opportunities emerge for you to consider. You recognize your mission and are driven by internal motivation. You’re much more resilient and less susceptible to stress and factors in the external environment as your natural gifts and talents are optimized in ways that serve you and your organization.

In this session, we’ll look at the research on employee engagement and how it impacts the bottom line; and then explore an exciting alternative to traditional levers to boost employee performance and satisfaction. You’ll learn how passion at work is the critical differentiator for success in business today.

  • I highly recommend Lisa Jing as a trainer, presenter and speaker. She creates a professional and engaging learning environment that immediately lets participants know that they are in the hands of an accomplished trainer.

    Donna Hardaker Director, Wellness Works
  • Lisa establishes an immediate rapport and credibility with executive, management and line staff alike. She motivates audiences to own and apply newly learned skills and behaviors that are essential to employee and organizational performance.

    Helen Siporin Executive Director, Mental Health America